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Here at Lightbulb Learning, our students are always at the heart of what we do. That’s why our online learning program is easily adapted and customized to meet every student’s needs, no matter where they are located. With a passionate team of licensed teachers and staff, every course comes with full support through phone, email or video sessions.

Mrs.Wence has been one of the most caring and loving teachers I have ever had. In Mrs. Wences's class, we have thorough discussions on topics that really engage the class and really expand our thinking. Mrs.Wence always reads us great books and makes sure we understand the book throughout the pages. One example of this is we  were reading Long Way Down by Jason Reynolds which could be hard to understand, but Mrs.Wence takes time out of class to make us think about what is being said and discuss. This really helps strengthen my understanding skills. Continuing, Mrs. Wences's class is always so calm when we come in mostly because of the nice LED lights and skylights that make her room more fun and exciting. It makes me want to come to her classroom. Lastly, Mrs.Wence is not only a great teacher but a great friend because she tells us lots about her life so that we can grow trust which is really important to our connection and learning.

Maddie B.

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